WE Will Be Listing All Of our devices we support here :
This List of Devices We Support Will Be Changing so check it Often 😉


Alcatel Tetra 5041C

Alcatel IdealXTRA 5059R

Moto E6 “Snapdragon”  (NOT THE E6s “mediatek”)

Alcatel 5044R

Alcatel 5044C

Alcatel 6055u

Alcatel 6055k

Zte z851m

And more coming soon 

Here are a few screen shots of  a few of our recovery builds on various devices, and usually if it’s available for One  supported device we have it for all supported devices.

Many Of these will be available in the Paid Downloads section for $1.84 A session.

Pay once and download them for all your devices.

Editors Note:
These screenshots of recoveries Look So much better on a PC screen , On a small phone the pictures do not render the best.